[One-shot] Kim JaeJoong Is Warm

Author: Sanzo_ne

Translator: Chiaki

Title: Kim Jaejoong is warm.

Pairing (or BandFic): YunJae and their dongseangs.

Rating: PG.

Form: One-shot.

Genre: Fluff maybe.

Link gốc: http://miss-sanzo.livejournal.com/1197.html

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[One-shot] Hey Junsu!

Title: Hey Junsu!

Author: zelshamada

Translator: Shiro

Fandom: TVXQ

Pairing/Characters: Ximin/Minsu.

Rating: PG

Warnings: Pretty pretty bad drawing *hugs the palm tree anyway*; stick!Changmin.

Genre: Romance, fluff.

N/A: Set when Changmin was is Hawaii.

Summary: Changmin sent Junsu a picture; the soulmates got it first, of course, even if they can’t see the real message in it.

Link gốc: http://neverdeadend.livejournal.com/5834.html

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